Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Boating and Boaters

This weeks Ladies Monday was relocated to Oxford, Oxfordshire where we were in the hands of the lovely Miss Heather.

The town was just as I had imagined - old buildings, pretty gardens, academics, tourists and chavs.

Heather guided us around all the sights, including this bridge, very famous, for who knows why.

But the real purpose of the excursion, was PUNTING!

Unfortunately it was not as easy as it looked.... This picture shows me as an apparently seasoned punter, floating down the river in a leisurely and controlled manner, taking in the sights, enjoying the serenity. Unfortunately this was not the case, and after having spent 10 minutes ramming into trees/bridges/boats and wildlife, we returned to base and swapped for a row-boat.

Much more ladylike!

Dee looked like she was made for boating.

I chose the preppiest outfit I could muster for the day, including chinos and a polo. I think I could pass for a student in this courtyard at Christ Church.

Heather was able to tell us lots of the antiquated customs and traditions that still exist there, such as not being permitted to your exams unless you are wearing a fresh carnation that someone else has bought for you - it is bad luck to buy your own.

Oh and of course there was picnicking - it's never Ladies Monday without a picnic.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Amazing Summer Shows no. 1

Thanks to a tip off from Heather, and a chance meeting with the lovely exhibition designer Maya, I had a revelatory exhibition experience - Roman Cieślewicz at the RCA.

An extremely prolific and avant-garde graphic designer, he began his career in Poland, moved to Paris and then made his mark on the international design world.

The influence of communist propaganda is evident....

as is surrealism.

Every poster and collage looked as though it could be on a PAM t-shirt or hipster-night flier.


(And the exhibition design was incredible - no photos inside unfortunately.)