Sunday, 5 September 2010


*new trousers

** Honey Im painting, currently on show at Gift in Vyner St.

*** library book which has changed my life - never again will I ever be able to eat chicken unless I know exactly how and where is has been raised.

****non-edible gift from Miss Heather.

Wolf Hunting

Owing to a combination of factors, including the release of the eleventh issue of FANTASTIC MAN and the major summer exhibition at The Serpentine Gallery, has lead to the development, for Siggy, Max & I, of a fun little obsession with Wolfgang Tillmans.

Anyway, this shared obsession has been lying dormant for a little while, apart from me buying this nice big book for a steal at the Koenig Whitechapel shop.

However, yesterday we popped into Maureen Paley Gallery to see the new group show- Male - featuring none other than the Wolf himself. The show was excellent, and even more excellent, we learnt that the private view was happening that evening.

We regrouped and returned for some Wolf hunting.

And there the Wolfie was, in his natural habitat, in army-pants-tucked-into-army-boots, surrounded by hundreds of men.

It was the perfect opportunity to test out my brand spanking new camera and do some Wolf-shooting.

The event ended the best possible way - after the beer ran out and they turned the lights out to get us out, we were loitering out the front of the gallery (incidentally, in the laneway where Wolfie's studio is) and Wolfie passed by Siggy and gave him a wink and a nod. The question is where can it go to from here??