Monday, 26 July 2010


A couple of weeks ago Siggy and I dragged Max down to Brighton with us for the day.

My Mum had told me great stories of when she used to visit her Great Aunt Dolly there, who lived in an old Oast house and gave her home grown asparagus and roast beef for Sunday lunches.

Unfortunately our day was not quite to civilised or organic.

As Siggy commented "This isn't exactly the classiest place I have ever visited".
"Martin Parr wouldn't have enough film for this place" was a comment from Max which basically meant the same thing, however in the eyes of the artist.

We did however enjoy the customary fish & chips with mushy peas by the beach.

And I was pretty stoked with these apple and rhubarb custard boiled sweets I bought from a ye olde sweet shop.

Although not quite as happy as Siggy was with his Slush Puppy.
(note his fist class themed outfit)

We killed a bit of time with a round at 'Crazy Golf'. Not quite sure what was most crazy - the shoddy equipment and decrepit course or the fact that I lost when I was 8 strokes ahead....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


In what is becoming a summer ritual, last week I went to Norway for a mini-break.
Here are a few holiday snaps, featuring the Lovely Thea, Swedish ring-ins Marti and Sean, and of course my native Norwegian Siggy.
(actually credit goes to Siggy and Sean for some of the shots).

The last week in London we've been blessed with the company of an artist in residence - Mr Max Creasy. A brilliant photographer and Norwegian native, here are some of Max's photos of Norway that I wish I had taken.

Ladies of Leisure (on a budget)

Monday is Ladies Day.
Over the summer months, this has often involved hours spent at London Fields Lido, or sometimes a shopping expedition - starting at the nicest most expensive shops where we pick out things that we will buy when we are rich - and ending up buying 6 packs of nickers at Primark for £2.20. Anyway these days always involve coffee, and cake or usually humus and pita bread.
This week however we, the ladies, ventured out a little further, to Hampstead Heath.

Trekking through the long grass, over the hills, past the mixed pond and then the men's pond, carrying our picnic goods, we were lightly perspiring and gagging for a swim by the time we finally found the ladies only pond.

What a haven!
It was so idyllic - a mini lake sheltered by willow trees with a secluded grassy slope for sunbathing - much more comfortable than the concrete slab at the Lido. The water was super-fresh and just cold enough to be invigorating, but warm enough to paddle about on the rubber rings. There were certainly all shapes and sizes there, and I overcame my inner prude and coped with the partial nudity. A delicious picnic of strawberries and roquefort and pea+mint dip and a cheeky half-pint on the way home topped off a perfect day.
How will I ever go back to the Lido???