Friday, 29 May 2009

Soiree au Ballet

Tonight I went to the Ballet, courtesy of Mother.
The performance was a contemporary work based on Proust's The Rememberance of Things Past. The venue was none other than the Paris Opera Garnier.

The interior was magnificent, opulent and lavish and so well maintained. I entertained myself dreaming of the crowds who frequented these halls in the the 1920's and 30's.

I was looking forward to some people watching, it being a solo outing, but unfortunately the audience disappointed in costume and intrigue.

The theatre was opulent in red and gold...

aside from the intervention of the playfully painted ceiling by Chagall.

The performance was nothing short of sublime.
While the music included Debussy, Beethoven and Wagner, the choreography was contemporary and edgy. It was always graceful, sometimes erotic and even frightening and macabre.
I'm terribly old fashioned but I'd take a night at the Ballet over a night at the pub any day.

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