Sunday, 5 July 2009

Une Semaine in Provence

Making the most of having my parents on the continent and profiting from the wonderful French working laws and all their accumulated paid leave, I took a week off to explore Provence.

We had rooms in this gorgeous 16th century house and garden in a tiny little village called Le Paradou.

It was such a good feeling to get out of the city - now I understand why Paris is void of Parisians in August.

The 25m pool was where I could be found before breakfast, in the afternoons and late at night.

I got along swimmingly with Mlle Plume, the resident cat.
Days were spend driving around and visiting the many hilltop villages,

the Abbey of Senaque, set amidst fields of lavender,

local olive groves and vineyards,

grand old chateaus,

fields and fields of sunflowers,

and more medieval hilltop villages.

In the evenings we sampled the local produce.
I was so lucky to be able to see Provence like that with my parents.
Now before I leave France I just have to focus my energies on finding a viscount or baron who would like to bequeath me his century old Provencal chateau (with all the mod-cons of course).


  1. Oh Cha Cha Provence is just heavenly!
    I never thought I'd be happy to see these Provencial scenes after beavering away at those travel brochures, writing about olive grove after olive grove, chateaux after chateaux and lavender ... etc ...
    But it truly is magnifique!
    I heart Charlotte's Web.

  2. I never want to eat another olive ever again!
    It was a bit bo-bo (bohemian bourgeoise) but sooo nice.
    Very close to booking a flight home on Aug 25!!
    Get rrreeeaadddyy!!!!