Sunday, 21 June 2009

Grey Noise

A quick recovery was needed after Siggy's departure in order to prepare for the second La Totalite project, Grey Noise.

Maria, Johan and I organised 8 artists from around the world to create a sound piece relating to the theme of the city. The final preparations took place on Saturday, finalising the playlist, producing a information handout and most importantly, constructing the "black box".

After 3hrs, 40 odd meters of garbage bags and a lots of tape, we could proudly stand inside and say the box was built.

By 5pm, after technical glitches and a pit-stop chez McDo, we were ready to go, with pretzels and marshmallows poised.

We were all feeling a little nervous as we waited for the guests to arrive.

Despite their tardiness, we had an excellent turn out (very difficult to capture on film).

The listening went very smoothly and the effect of the black box more intense than I had imagined. It was tight, pitch black and pretty damn hot. One person compared it to being on a crowded metro.
The response to the pieces was excellent -phew, thank you artists.
Tomorrow we debrief then begin work on the next project, potentially in Berlin!

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